Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What is the difference between Wade, Delhi and TACO?

Wade is a well known manufacturer in the Cable Television and Wireless Internet industries.

Delhi Antenna Products has been a major supplier and leader in the consumer electronics industry for over 40 years with TV antennas and tower products. We no longer use the Delhi name but customers will sometimes still refer to us by that name due to its longevity and periodic web presence.

TACO Antennas are designed for both military and commercial applications for VHF and UHF frequencies for over 40 years.

Each name has goodwill and value in its own market and we have chosen to keep all three names as part of our organization and marketing.

How long has TACO been in business?

Taco was established almost 75 years go, Delhi over 40 years ago and Wade Antenna over 50 years go. Wade Antenna’s current President/CEO has been at the helm of the company 20 years and acquired TACO and Delhi in 2001.

Where is the factory located?

The factory is located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

Does TACO or Wade have any distributors or reps?

TACO does have various reps around the world. Visit the ORDER tab on our website for details.

Wade Antenna sells solely through distributors, including the Wade Wireless antennas for WiFi and WiMax applications. All contact information can be found under the WHERE TO BUY tab.

What does TACO stand for?

The original name was Technical Appliance Corporation.

Can I purchase direct from the factory?

TACO Antennas are sold through GSA, international sales agents or our Canadian & US sales representatives.

You cannot buy Wade products directly, but only through distributors which you will find listed under the DISTRIBUTORS tabs.

Product FAQ

What is TACO's warranty?

TACO products are warranted from the date of purchase by the user, to be free of defects in material and workmanship for three years.

The obligation of TACO Antenna under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing a defective product at our option.

No merchandise may be returned without prior written authorization. Authorized returns are to be shipped prepaid to the destination specifies on the Return Authorization Form. The RA # must be clearly marked on the address label.

What is Wade's warranty?

Wade products are warranted from the date of purchase by the user, to be free of defects in material and workmanship for one year.

The obligation of Wade Antenna, Inc. under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing a defective product at our option.

Is TACO on the GSA Schedule?

Yes. Our Contract Number is GS-35F-0020R.

Does TACO manufacturer custom products?

TACO has developed several customized antennas to meet the communication demands of our consumers. With our strong engineering background, we are able to design solutions to meet even the most difficult environments.

What other options are available with TACO antennas?

It can vary depending on the type and model. Some of our options for our Muldipol antennas are “Lightening Rods”, “Obstruction Lights”, “2-piece Antennas”, and “Bird Caps”.

Are the Wade Towers CSA approved?

Wade Tower Products are not CSA approved. Wade does not manufacture any CSA 537-13 compliant towers, and a Professional Engineer stamp is not available.. These products were originally designed for Home TV consumer applications to mount the Delhi antennas. These mounting products are ideal for wireless internet applications for small offices and homes.

How many ft-lbs of torque are required when tightening DMX Tower bolts?

25 for the 3/8 inch diameter bolts.

60 for the 1/2 inch diameter bolts.



What size mast do I need to buy when the mounting diameter lists 1.25" IPS or 2.5" IPS

1.25″ Iron Pipe Size equals 1.66″ OD. 2.5″ Iron Pipe Size equals 2.875″ OD.

What does LU, LV, UV, UU, CV, CU stand for beside the antenna connectors?

  • LU: Lower UHF
  • LV: Lower VHF
  • UV: Upper VHF
  • UU: Upper UHF
  • CV: Center VHF
  • CU: Center UHF

Do TACO and Wade sell cables, pigtails, etc?

No, TACO sells antennas only. There are too many variables involved such as the radio, power, obstructions, etc. at each site for us to get into recommendations. Wade Antenna sells commonly used pigtails and LMR400 cable and connectors for WiFi applications.

What does "HPBW" stand for?

Half Power Beam Width.

What's the difference between dBi, dBd and dBic?

  • dBi: Gain relative to an isotropic source, always 2.1 dB higher than the dBd gain.
  • dBd: Gain relative to a dipole
  • dBic: Same as dBi, but referring to circular polarization

How do I connect a Wade Antenna to an Access Point (AP)?

Most APs have a connector to add an external antenna to improve or change the RF signal. Please refer to the AP manufacturer’s specifications for the connector type and we can provide you with a cable jumper. Most manufacturers use similar cables and Wade Antenna may have cables in stock.

What is the difference between digital and analog antennas?

Digital antennas are generally slightly broader bandwidth and have a flatter gain curve over the operating band of frequencies.