Model LT-4-40N Heaviest Duty Lighting Tower

LT Tower

Model LT-4-40N Heaviest Duty Lighting Tower

Series: LT-Series

40 foot heaviest duty Lighting Tower.

Ideal for parks and recreational areas, farms, industry, parking lots, and many other applications.

Construction: Towers are manufactured in 8' sections, which nest compactly for shipping and ease of handling and storage. Towers have been enhanced in both leg profile and taper facilitating an easier installation and improved tower structure. All bolts, nuts and lockwashers are heat treated and zinc plated.

Top Sections: The top sections of each tower comes complete with 2 heavy gauge galvanized mast clamp plates. Each plate has a heavy duty cast aluminum mast clamp that will accept masts up to 2 1/2" O.D.

Bases: Each tower is shipped with 3 concrete-base stubs. It is recommended that a square hole be dug 4' deep and 16" wider than the base section of the tower. Hinge-up base stubs are also available fo ruse in concrete. These are recommended where facilities are available for raising or lowering complete tower. On parking lot installations, all concrete bases should extend past bumper height.

  • Tower Height: 40' (12.2m)
  • Wind Load: 12 sq.ft.

Dimensions: 96" L x 27" W x 27" H (243.8 cm L x 68.6 cm W x 68.6 cm H)

Weight: 294 lbs

Shipping Dimensions: 96" L x 27" W x 27" H

Shipping Weight: 294 lbs

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