Model WL3-5/HP Channels 3-5 Horizontal Pair Log Periodic

Model WL3-5/HP Channels 3-5 Horizontal Pair Log Periodic

Series: WL Series

The WL3-5/HP VHF low band horizontal pair log array for channels 3 to 5 has been engineered for maximum forward gain with with optimum side lobe performance. The narrow horizontal beam width reduces the effect of man-made noise, and co-channel and other sources of interference off the main beam. Where specific sources of interference can be identified, a custom designed array may reduce the level of interference even further.

  • Gain: 12 dBi
  • Frequency: 60-82MHz
  • Channels: 3-5
  • HPBW Horizontal: 34°
  • HPBW Vertical: 90°
  • VSWR Max: 1.3:1
  • Driven Elements: 7
  • Impedance: 75 ohm
  • Polarization: Horizontal or Vertical
  • Connector Type: F Connector
  • Number of Elements: 7
  • Longest Element: 98 in

Dimensions: 144" L x 98" W x 22" H (365.75 cm L x 248.9 cm W x 55.9 cm H)

Weight: 333 lbs

Shipping Dimensions: 150" L x 18" W x 10" H

Shipping Weight: 333 lbs

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