Model PD2-2.4(T) Power Divider

Model PD2-2.4(T) Power Divider

Series: 2.4 GHz

Wade's PD2-2.4(T) two way 2.4 GHz power divider with T style inputs and outputs allows more than one antenna to be connected to a radio.  This helps shape RF signals for your wireless networks. Signal loss from the dividers need to be considered when added to your wireless access points.

  • Frequency: 2.35-2.55GHz (2350-2550MHz)
  • Connector Type: N Female
  • Max Power: 300 watts

Dimensions: 6.6" L x 3.4" W x 2.1" H (16.8 cm L x 8.6 cm W x 5.3 cm H)

Weight: 1 lbs

Shipping Dimensions: 9" L x 5" W x 5" H

Shipping Weight: 2 lbs

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  • Masting

    • NPRM-1 16 Ga. Non-Penetrating

      • Mast OD: 1½" to 2½"
    • TRM-5N 5 Foot Tripod

      • Mast OD: 1¾"
    • GN16T 16 Gauge GN Tower Top Section

      • Max Wind Load: 3sq.ft.