Model J-275D-K 51/60 UHF Channels 51-60 Yagi

Model J-275D-K 51/60 UHF Channels 51-60 Yagi

Series: J Series

The J-275D-K 51/60 UHF Yagi antenna for channels 51 to 60  consists of a wide-band, diamond loop driver, two vertically spaced reflectors and 13 tuned directors. The diamond driver is an exclusive TACO design providing a matched 75 Ohm impedance throughout the UHF range. Dual reflectors increase both horizontal and vertical directivity of the driver and provide front-to-back ratios of 20 dB or better. Directors are tuned for specified channels to provide gain of 14 dB over a reference dipole.

  • Gain: 14 dBi
  • Channels: 51-60
  • HPBW Horizontal: 55°
  • VSWR Max: 1.5:1
  • Impedance: 75 ohm
  • Polarization: Horizontal or Vertical
  • Connector Type: F Connector

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