Model LYV Series VHF Yagi Antennas

Model LYV Series VHF Yagi Antennas

Our Models 4LYV & 6LYV base station VHF yagi antennas are used for point-to-point communication for paging, repeaters and control stations. These antennas provide high directional gain performance. The high front-to-back ratio and narrow beam width minimizes interference from other communication networks.  Please refer to our specification sheet below for each model's details.


• Flat, even response over desired bandwidths

• Excellent directivity & low VSWR for maximum efficiency

• DC grounded for lightning and static build-up to ensure equipment protection

• Heavy duty aluminum construction for long lasting service

• Stainless steel hardware at critical points assures reliable performance

• Double mounting clamp for positive mast gripping ensures antenna will remain on station

• Mounting brackets for horizontal or vertical polarization

• Includes 25 ft. RG58 cable with BNC-Male connector

  • Frequency: 138-174MHz
  • VSWR Max: 1.4:1
  • Impedance: 50 ohm
  • Connector Type: BNC Female

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