Model DMXB-06 Bracketed Tower Package


Model DMXB-06 Bracketed Tower Package

Series: DMX Bracketed

Model DMXB-06 52' DMX bracketed tower. DMXB tower packages come complete with tower sections, DM mast, top plate, rotor plate, BP2S base plate, TMCA mast clamp assembly, DMBS drive stakes and DMXHB universal house bracket. Height includes mast.

Height: 52' (15850 mm)

  • Tower Height: 52' (15.85m)
  • Wind Load: 3 sq.ft. (0.28 m2)

Dimensions: 96" L x 45" W x 15" H

Weight: 171 lbs

Shipping Dimensions: 96" L x 150" W x 15" H

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