Model DMX-52N Standard Duty

Model DMX-52N Standard Duty

Series: DMX Self-Supporting


  • For safety reasons we will no longer support adding our current DMX tower sections to obsolete sections. Please refer to our Tower Section Identification document. If the engraving on the inside leg begins with DMX-1 (ex. #8 section = DMX-108) it is an obsolete model. Current sections start with DMX-0 (ex. #8 section = DMX-008).

Model DMX-52N 52 foot DMX standard duty tower. Packaged complete with CBS-06 concrete base stubs, DM mast, top plate, rotor plate, TMCA clamp assembly and all necessary hardware. Height includes mast.


  • Attractive tapered design.
  • “X” brace with beaded channel leg
  • Enhancements made to both leg profile and taper allow for easier installation and improved tower structure
  • High strength galvanized steel construction
  • Eight foot sections
  • Sections 5 & 6 are 12 gauge, 1 to 4 are 16 gauge galvanized steel
  • Compact shipping package
  • Free standing installation
  • Ideal for amateur radio and industrial/commercial communications applications
  • Climb shields recommended   
  • Designed to withhold impact load of a climber in case of a fall in accordance with CSA-S37-13. See installation instructions for more information.*

LOAD LIMITS:  DMX Standard Duty Towers are designed to support up to 3 square feet (0.28 m2) projected wind area.**

NOTE:  Never install a tower or tower section found to have missing or damaged components. Only Wade replacement components or hardware may be used on DMX products. Failure to exercise this caution can result in injury or death. Consult distributors for replacement sections or parts if required.

* Towers have not been tested to be in compliance with other sections of CSA-S37-13.

** Tower load limits are based on survival, and cannot be stamped by a licensed engineer.

  • Tower Height: 52'
  • Wind Load: 3 sq.ft.

Skidded Dimensions: 101" L x 29" W x 29" H / Cubic Feet: 24.5 / Weight: 321 lbs

Unskidded Dimensions: 96" L x 24" W x 24" H / Cubic Feet: 16 / Weight: 261 lbs

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  • DMX-52N Hardware Kit

    • CBS-06 DMX Section 6 Concrete Base Stubs

      • CS-6 DMX Section 6 Climb Shields

        • GS-123 DMX Sections 1-3 Guy Station

          • GS-456 DMX Sections 4-6 Guy Station.

            • HUB3-6 DMX Sections 3-6 Hinge-Up Base

              • Masting

                • DMX-52N Standard Duty

                  • Tower Height: 52'
                  • Max Wind Load: 3sq.ft.
                • 244A Cast Aluminum Mast Clamp

                  • Mast OD: Up to 2½"
                • BBMB Ball Bearing Mast Bearing

                  • Mast OD: Up to 2"
                • DMX Top Section Rotor/Top Plates